MVC vs ASP.NET Webforms

by Albert Mutangiri 3. April 2010 03:32

I've been coding web apps using web forms for so long now, I mean since the early releases of .net framework and to be straight to the point webforms rock! Although this doesn't sound revolutionary, the fact that webforms makes building web applications quite handy by abstracting the complexities when dealing with things like application state, does this really mean we're all going to dump webforms for MVC??

Yes MVC is pretty sexy, it's a fix to the issues we have with web forms - refering to bloated ViewState and it's pesky postback model, so what happens when one needs an application state mechanism? Are we going to re-invent the weel? I really don't see the idea, this goes down to the idea of choosing the right technology for the right job.




4/8/2010 11:48:15 PM #

Chris Dambamuromo

Spot on Albert! Other benefits include  MVC allows the full control over the rendered HTML, good framework for TDD, clean separation of concerns and excellent integration with jQuery! Great article.

Chris Dambamuromo United Kingdom | Reply

4/10/2010 12:36:03 AM #


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