Finally got myself Move motion controller for my PS3

by Albert Mutangiri 30. September 2010 02:33

Yae, after a long wait and finally it's here, so i thought i must  hook myself up. It's really an amaizing gaming experince, virtual reality motion sensing - New generation video game accessory.

The PlayStation Move starter pack contains the two key elements of PlayStation Move: The PlayStation Eye and the PlayStation Move Motion controller. Containing sophisticated motion sensing technology, the Move Motion controller gives you an accurate and reliable experience complete with vibration feedback and a dynamic colour changing sphere.

The PlayStation Eye completes the experience by tracking the sphere on top of the Move Motion controller, making it that much more accurate. Not only that, but some games will use the camera to put you in the game "Yae you better be...."
Whether it's taking aim in The Shoot: Move, beating people down in The Fight



Lights Out or getting everyone involved in Start the Party: Move you can rest assured that every one can get to grips with PlayStation Move...



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